Fire Investigation Team Training

Course Duration: - 3 to 3.5 hours (inc practical session), Maximum of 12 delegates.


The Fire Investigation Team Course is designed to expand on information given during Fire Marshal Training. The course has been designed with larger businesses in mind, or where a two stage alarm system has been adopted. Employee's undertaking a Fire Party Team role are expected to respond to the initial alarm activation and investigate within an allocated time frame. Once reaching the area in which the alarm is activating the Investigation Team will establish whether the alarm is a fire or false alarm.
Upon discovering a fire the team will carry out usual Fire Marshal duties in accordance with company policy.

If the activation is confirmed as a false alarm the system can be reset without any disruption to the company.

For our practical sessions we use gas fire simulators which are clean burning and will not damage the floor surface nor will it cause a smoke problem to either your premises or the surrounding area / neighbouring premises ensuring that the live fire fighting demonstrations are held in a controlled environment. The benefits of practical fire extinguisher training cannot be underestimated as the confidence gained from our instructors will produce finite results, ranging from giving assistance to fire fighting professionals to nipping a small fire in the bud before it spreads or develops.

Courses include the following elements:

Theory Session (including DVDs and group discussions)

• Current fire safety legislation
• The chemical processes that result in fire
• Causes of fire
• How to contact the emergency services
• Fire development
• How fires spread
• Assessment and recognition of fire risks in your workplace
• Fire classification
• Different types of fire extinguisher
• Fire Blankets
• Compartmentation and effective means of escape
• Backdraughts & how to open doors correctly
• Personal Emergency Evacuation Procedures (PEEPS)
• How to investigate a possible fire
• Understand the role of an investigation team member
• Companies fire policy and procedures
• Companies evacuation procedures
• Effective communications with relevant staff and visitors in an emergency situations

Practical Session

• Live fire extinguisher training (where required)
• Walk through of the investigation teams duties, including casualty handling techniques.

Our courses include all of the essential information required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and are presented in an accessible and effective manner, allowing trainees to enquire about all matters pertaining to fire safety, whether that be at work or within the home.

For a truly conscientious and professional approach use Britannia Fire Training Ltd

        For a truly conscientious and professional approach use Britannia Fire Training Ltd

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